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Canal and Bulkhead Maintenance

Harborwalk Canal and Bulkhead Maintenance Procedures

Every year the Flamingo Isles MUD performs maintenance on the canal and bulkhead systems at Harborwalk. Below is the timing of the annual plan with maintenance priorities.

1st Quarter           Survey, plan and fund repairs
1st Priority            Existing homes
2nd Priority           Up-coming new-build sites
3rd Priority           All others
2nd Quarter          Perform Repairs

Invariably there are also repair needs which fall outside of the above schedule.  The Flamingo Isles MUD addresses these on an “as needed” basis with imminent safety issues receiving top priority.  Property owners experiencing maintenance issues on the canal or bulkhead systems are requested to contact any of the Board members or to report the issue on the Flamingo Isles web site “contact us” application listed as “Report Damage to Facilities .” 

PDF Notice of Adoption of Supplemental Regulation Governing Bulkheads and Canals
PDF Schedule of Bulkhead Repairs
PDF Bulkhead Inspection Procedures
PDF Annual Bulkhead Report and Map of Repairs
PDF Regulations on Construction of Improvements in the District

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