Here are the major actions taken by the Board at the meeting:

Set the 2019 tax rate at $0.57—same rate as last year with $0.30 going to pay debt service and $0.27 going for maintenance and operations. Maintenance budget for next fiscal year is $275,000.

Authorized an additional maintenance budget of $10,000 through the end of the year to be used for bulkhead repairs on the repair list.

Authorized the engineer to get engineering proposals for design of an oyster reef project to help shelter the main channel from shifting silt.

Discussed the new website and authorized additional storage capacity. Director Andries described all the documents on the website, which can be viewed at

Discussed moving forward with a $1.5 million bond issue to reimburse the developer for infrastructure. Received public comments on the proposal.

Excerpts from draft minutes—not approved by the Board.