Canal & Bulkhead Maintenance

Bulkhead Inspection Procedures

The following is a summary of the inspection and repair procedures conducted on the existing bulkheads for Harborwalk development on behalf of Flamingo Isles Municipal Utility District (FIMUD).

These procedures have been approved by the Board of Directors of FIMUD.

  • Inspections are conducted on a schedule approved by the Board for the purpose of evaluating the overall condition of the bulkhead systems and areas which need repair. Bulkhead issues can also be reported through the website at All bulkhead issues are logged into a database.
  • The results of the inspections and website reporting are presented to the Board at their regular Board meetings.
  • The Board must prioritize the repairs it can make each year to stay within its budget. The Board has determined the following order of priority for bulkhead system repairs:
    • Major structural breaches
    • Issues behind existing houses
    • Issues with new/proposed construction
    • Issues with existing lots and common areas
    • Issues with boathouse slips
  • Inspections for new house construction are conducted on a case by case basis as notification is received from the Property Owners Association.
  • Inspections for new pool installations follow the same guidelines as for new home inspections.
  • If, during the year, a new location warrants repairs, the schedule of repairs may need to be revised.
  • The public is welcome to comment on the schedule and/or needed repairs at any Board meeting.


Maintenance Contracts

Recommended Navigation into Harborwalk from Intra Coastal Waterway

Flamingo Isles Navigation Channels Map

Below is the most recent bathymetric survey of the connector channel between the entrance to the Harborwalk Main Channel and the Intra Coastal Waterway. This survey was commissioned by the Flamingo Isle MUD Board of Directors after the dredging project was completed August 2019. Please be aware that tidal and sedimentary changes affect the depths and contours within the channel. Always use caution when navigating into or out of the Harborwalk channels.