Here are the major actions taken by the Board at the meeting:

Approved an official statement and authorized its distribution to potential bidders on a $1.5 million bond issue to reimburse the developer for infrastructure.

Approved moving forward with bulkhead cap repairs and placement of fill at approximately 20 locations in the District.

Reviewed information from the engineer on the design of an oyster reef project to help shelter the main channel from shifting silt and designated Jane McKenzie, Ben Carmine and the District engineer to meet with Galveston Bay Foundation re possible options.

Added the capacity to send out email blasts to people who sign up on the District’s website at

Designated a committee of Michael Vigneault and the District engineer to work on relocating spoil from the current spoil location.

Set next meeting at noon on December 10, 2019.

Excerpts from draft minutes—not approved by the Board